Shipping Industry

Lighthouse – EFI for the Shipping Industry


To be successful in today´s fast-paced shipping world means having both the complete current financial picture and the financial effects of any action in the next 1 to 15 years. Lighthouse,7th Dimension´s flagship product from  house for the shipping industry, was built on the EFI platform to address the very specific needs of decision makers in the shipping industry.

Lighthouse provides top management and financiers with safe navigation in the stormy shipping industry waters

  • Built from the ground-up by hands-on experienced Shipping Executives and Financiers to satisfy the specific shipping-industry needs and its unique vertical requirements
  • A comprehensive and powerful Financial Analytics Software Tool that seamlessly integrates with ERP systems
  • The most advanced Treasury Module, with Planning, Discovery and Forecasting capabilities
  • Enables ship-owners to identify in advance future negative cash-flow situations, re-finance needs, LTV & Financial Covenants Complexities, interest derivatives consequences, and much more
  • Includes an alerting system to allow sufficient time to make optimal decisions and a highly qualified subsequent execution and effective delivery
  • Built-in comprehensive set of Shipping-Specific Objects & KPIs


The shipping industry is volatile and dynamic. Lighthouse enables the ship-owner to:

  • Respond immediately to any market transformation or changes in the economic environment
  • Realize how each financial parameter influences the entire P&L results, cash flow & balance sheet, today, tomorrow, and throughout the next 5 years
  • Analyze and stress test each business unit, operational subsidiary, holding intermediaries, and the related holding company
  • Be alert to Valuation (LTV) aspects, potential future cash-flow difficulties, meeting financial ratios, and credit line availability
  • Make sure KPIs and trends are maintained
  • Minimize corporate financial exposure and optimize risk management
  • Access from anywhere, anytime, through the Cloud

Features Highlights

The Lighthouse system contains a vast selection of built-in functionalities that fit the need of shipping industry financiers and top management to provide them with immediate Full 360∘ Business Transparency and Insights.
  • The most comprehensive and rich Treasury Module (TMS)
  • "Actual based" Rolling Forecasted Financials (P&L, Balance-Sheet and Cash Flow) on a company-by-company basis, for the intermediary holding subsidiaries level and up to the consolidated corporate level.
  • Full (future) financial ratios analyses, for every level of the hierarchy structure
  • Automatically taking into account the assets´ depreciation rules, accounting consolidation procedures, inter-company offsets, taxation rules, multi-currency aspects, minority interests, partial ownership and many more
  • Two main, concurrently updated forecasting levels (Conservative and Extended) plus unlimited personal forecasting
  • Strong Business Scenarios simulations and Sensitivity Analyses capabilities
  • Built-in strong Loan Module (with more than 20 different loan types)
  • Rich Derivatives Module with different types of Triggers, Barriers, and Thresholds
  • Loan to Value and Financial Covenants Analyses
  • Drill down functionality that details each transaction across the entire enterprise from the top holding company down to the lowest hierarchy level
  • Sophisticated "Saved Versions” mechanism, which derives a Dynamic Budget advantage
  • 3rd-party market data importation (currencies, interest-rates, stock prices, and many more), which enhances the forecast quality
  • Treasury related Events Calendar - improves efficiency that provides the CFO with loan-repayments and significant payments schedule, etc.
  • Built-in different security levels mechanism
  • Use the multi-dimensional powerful analysis engine for high-performance reporting & analysis.
  • Easily compare multiple scenarios & versions
  • Based on advanced Microsoft technologies such as MS-SQL, MS-OLAP, C#, MVC4

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