Industry Challenges

When it comes to planning and financing, the retail industry has unique challenges such as:

  • Complexity of planning sales, discounts, deductions, and promotions
  • Sales planning is divided to a daily level, with unique characteristics for each day, such as Sunday, holiday, bank holiday, etc.
  • Complexity in the gross profit planning and the derived financial calculations in the financial statements of the procurement costs
  • Difficulty integrating financial expenses in the overall planning
  • Complexity in profitability analysis at the lower levels (of product / customer) mainly in the budget and rolling forecast versions

EFI´s Unique Solutions for the Retail Industry:

  • Full support for planning sales, discounts, discharge, and promotions at every planning variation
  • Sales planning is divided to a daily level, including the unique characteristics (Sunday, holiday, etc.) with an automatic building mechanism that takes previous years into account, as well as the "type of day” behavior in the planning year
  • Mechanism to planning the gross-profit, procurement costs and provisions for suppliers´ bonuses
  • The pricing module and the profitability module serve as an integral part of the planning modules. This results in:
    • Analysis of the profitability at lower levels (product / customer)
    • Analysis of the profitability up to the highest centralized levels of profit centers and cost centers
    • Getting every analysis for the budget and rolling forecast version, as well as on actual data, with full adjustment to both the predicted and the in-practice financial statements
  • The projections for funding finance expenses and finance income are an integral part of the budget and rolling forecast, and come built-in with all of the financing income and expenses components