Holdings and Assets Management

Industry Challenges

When it comes to planning and financing, the Holdings and Assets Management industry has unique challenges, such as:

  • Multiple companies with different areas of activity, plus interactions and transactions between the companies
  • Multiple levels of maintenance and consolidation of financial reports, with the need to offset the inter-companies´ activities
  • Property management together with acquisitions and sales of assets while financing the purchases
  • Relatively high volume of mergers and acquisitions
  • Complex financing activities with high leverage, financing transactions between companies, and central financing management
  • Difficulty integrating finance expenses in planning

EFI´s Unique Solutions for the Holdings and Assets Management Industry:

  • Full support for an unlimited number of companies, unlimited levels of consolidation, offsetting between companies, and full consolidated financial statements in every report including financial planning, budgeting, and rolling forecasts
  • Full support of in-practice and planned asset management including buying and selling of properties and derived financing of these actions
  • Full support for mergers and acquisitions as an integral part of the planning
  • A robust and comprehensive Treasury Module for all of the required financing activities, up to the operational and management level, with automatic reflection on the planning system
  • Future financial calculation for every value in the costs of sales, costs of production, and inventory to the end of each planning period
  • The projections for funding finance expenses and finance income are an integral part of the budget and rolling forecast, and come built-in with all of the financing income and expenses components.