Manufacturing and Production

Industry Challenges

When it comes to planning and financing, the manufacturing and production industry has unique challenges such as:

  • Complexity of planning sales, discounts, deductions, and promotions
  • Complexity of production and inventory planning, and the derived financial calculations in the financial statements of the production and sales costs
  • Difficulty integrating overall expenses in planning
  • Difficulties in low-level profitability analysis (product / customer), mainly in the budget and rolling forecast

EFI´s Unique Solutions for the Manufacturing and Production Industry:

  • Full support for planning sales, discounts, discharge, and promotions at every planning variation
  • Production plan that is derived from the sales plan and other parameters
  • Future financial calculation for every value in the costs of sales, costs of production, and inventory to the end of each planning period
  • The pricing module and the profitability module serve as an integral part of the planning modules. This results in:
    • Analysis of the profitability at lower levels (product / customer)
    • Analysis of the profitability up to the highest centralized levels of profit centers and cost centers
    • Getting every analysis for the budget and rolling forecast version, as well as on actual data, with full adjustment to both the predicted and the in-practice financial statements
  • The projections for funding finance expenses and finance income are an integral part of the budget and rolling forecast, and come pre-built with all of the financing income and expenses components.