Jafora-Tabori Group

Jafora-Tabori is the second largest beverage manufacturer and distributer in Israel, and deploys one of the most complex SAP implementation in the country.

The EFI´s application scope in Jafora-Tabori is extremely broad, and has become the true management system in the organization despite of having SAP and, to the best of our knowledge, it is the most complex budget and rolling forecast simulations solution in Israel regarding manufacturing and operation.

The advantages of EFI to high level and operating management are:

  • Comprehensive annual budget plan for Board and management from the lowest level up to full financial statements, including, profit & loss, cash flow, and balance sheet reports of all entities. EFI´s flexible reporting system provides consolidated reports of the  holding groups levels with automatics offset rules between the entities below
  • Real time rolling forecast of future results in multiple scenarios
  • Future real time rolling forecast of profitability analysis module of all products & customer dimensions including analysis of budget & rolling forecast versions versus actual results