XT Group (formerly Ofer Group)

The XT Group is a global holding company operating across numerous diverse industries, including shipping, aviation, hi-tech, and more.
The EFI suite has not only assisted the company in it´s decision making, but has also generated a fundamental change in the management culture at the XT Group.
The EFI suite is used by the XT Group´s top leadership to manage their entire treasury and the funding.

The suite´s robustness and flexibility allows the XT Group to perform full and comprehensive rolling forecasts, constantly updated business simulations and advanced financing, and much more.

Rolling forecast reports include complete future financial statements such as profit & loss, cash flow & balance sheet reports of all entities including consolidated reports of the holding group´s levels with automatics offset rules between the entities below.

Being a leveraged organization means that rolling cash flow forecast is an important component and intelligent and accurate system throughput is critical.

Being one of the largest holding groups in the region means having a very complex and advanced structure, with holding companies that have multiple operations, etc.

The EFI suite supports the entire structure by providing:

  • Complete management of all treasury operation and management including bank transactions, loans and deposits, foreign currency and interest rate hedging, currency derivatives and interest
  • Combination of all possible real scenarios, up to five years ahead, combined in all areas of activities including shipping, aviation, high-tech and more
  • Combination of all  financial issues with the real design issues of all types of businesses
  • Cash inflow and rolling forecasts of forecasted financial statements will complete a level, type of business and consolidated level of the whole group, including the clearing of balances between the companies (consequential and contractual)
  • Combination of aspect tax calculations, tax reserves calculations of future cash flow and balance sheet forecast
  • Option to enter complex scenarios combining real and financing (such as buying a ship for future 80% funding,  anticipated high-tech sales, aircraft purchases, loan taking, etc.), changes in future exchange rates
  • The EFI suite assist the XT Group in achieving operational work with bank financing and directly serves, the group´s CEO and Board