Shufersal, established in 1958, is Israel´s largest retail chain, operating 248 stores nationwide, covering a total area of 540K square meters, with approximately 12,400 employees. Their 2010 annual revenues reached $3.1 billion US

Shufersal has chosen The 7th Dimension´s EFI suite because of its robust treasury management capabilities. The EFI suite interfaces all of Shufersal´s core systems such as SAP and AS/400.

Shufersal uses the EFI suite mainly for:

  • Bank balances and transactions
  • Assets / liabilities management
  • Cash flow management
  • Market risk management
  • Currency and interest exposure and hedging
  • Derivatives management
  • Daily / short / long term cash flow
  • Guarantees, Credit Debt management
  • Financial derivatives
  • Budget cash flow
  • Periodic comparison of the flow budget against actual performance by essences flow (flow codes and levels)

Shufersal also uses the EFI suite to manage their complex annual cash flow budget planning and management of the actual cash flow.

The EFI suite intelligently collects and analyzes data from all relevant sources, such as:

  • Cash flow budget revenues and expenses specified in the Data Operations and Investment
  • Actual performance cash flow versus cash flow budget from previous year
  • Cash flow revenues and expenses their components - with / without VAT, distributions, seasonality, and more
  • Budget data flow from previous years