The most advanced Planning and Forecasting Module


Companies that choose to use the EFI suite enjoy the following benefits:

  • The most advanced Planning and Forecasting Module that gives the corporate a comprehensive forecast from any number of sources and future business assumptions
  • The most advanced Treasury Module, with Planning, Discovery and Forecasting capabilities
  • Advance identification of future negative events & situations as cash-flow situations, re-finance needs, LTV & Financial Covenants Complexities, interest derivatives consequences, and much more
  • A built-in alerting system that allow sufficient time to make optimal decisions and a subsequent highly qualified execution and effective delivery
  • Full set of ready-made Objects & KPIs

Key Features

The EFI suite covers every important financial aspect and brings both ready-made components which saves enormous planning time and total flexibility which fits every unique situation and organizational structure.

Some of the 
EFI suite´s key features are:

  • Dynamic periods
  • Multi-dimensional data inputs
  • Advanced costing methods
  • Planning objects
  • Statistically based trends & projections
  • Built-in comprehensive Treasury Management module
  • Group consolidation
  • Forecasting algorithms
  • Scenario management
  • Rule-based alerts
  • In-place drill down capability
  • Automated recommendations
  • Full rolling forecasts
  • Detailed financing projections
  • Actual vs. budget vs. forecast
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Unlimited scenarios and sensitivity analyses
  • Risk management
  • Automated G/L postings
  • Automated fund transfers
  • Improved team visibility and collaboration
  • Security and audit trail

Technology Overview

The EFI suite is constructed using state-of-the-art Microsoft´s .NET technology and MSSQL database. For the convenience of our customers, the EFI suite can be installed in two configurations:

Cloud based – SaaS Installation

Today, many companies realize the immense advantages of using Software-as-a-Service to reduce the burden on their IT departments and smooth out the effects of growth. The EFI suite is offered as a multi-tenant cloud based installation that supports the strictest integration, security, privacy and availability demands. The architecture allows each user to personalize their application with low IT costs.

On Premise Installation

Some enterprises prefer to control their systems in-house for various reasons. Our EFI suite can be easily installed on the data center servers and provide the same great experience.
Please [contact us] to receive a detailed system requirements document to help determine the right installation for your organization.