Accounts and Data Aggregator – Banks Accounts Aggregation Overview

The EFI´s suite contains a robust module for retrieval of data and information from any relevant websites such as bank and Brokers´ websites, corporate site, global websites, competitors´ websites, etc.
The module automatically manages the data extraction and sets it as an input data for both treasury and forecasting needs.

Feature Highlights

  • Set inputs from all of the customer´s existing bank websites, including financial asset and financial liability balances of different financial positions and deals types
  • Support for immediate update on financial assets and financial liabilities, as reflected in the banks and brokers, in concentrated and detailed forms
  • Support for global organization with multiple companies abroad of a comprehensive worldwide CASHVIEW, as well as comprehensive worldwide financial positions
  • Retrieval of market variables such as rate of exchange, interest rate percentages, prices of commodities and goods directly into the treasury & planning system
  • Automatic retrieval of information on competing companies directly into the treasury and planning system