The 7th Dimension

Financial IT solutions from a new dimension

As a leading IT company Established in 1998, we pride ourselves on delivering all our clients with cost effective, tailored IT Outsourcing services & leading financial software solutions , which complement and enhance their own IT resource.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, maintaining a strategic advantage and a strong corporate culture requires top-notch talent, breakthrough ideas, & innovating financial software solutions. To help you address these challenges—and capitalize on emerging opportunities, the 7th Dimension offers Leading Professional Services and financial software solutions.

We provide the tools you need to create effective go-to-market strategies, and enhance long-term performance.
We believe our global flagship financial software solution –E.F.I Enterprise financial intelligence software is a one of a kind solution for managing the enterprise financial past present and most important – future, enabling real-time rolling forecast.

For the CEOs & CFOs who use "EFI" it has become their de-facto management tool.
The company has extensive experience in the deployment of systems and projects in medium and big enterprises from diverse fields such as: banking, industry, commerce and services, government institutions and high-tech companies.

   Investment Risk Actuary        Quantitative Finance Valuator       Credit Risk Actuary   

Credit Risk Actuary              Quantitative Finance Valuator           Investment Risk Actuary    


    Financial Risk Manager        Operational Risk Actuary        Market Risk Actuary  

          Market Risk Actuary              Operational Risk Actuary             Financial Risk Manager